Durham jazz quintet DREAMROOT recently released an accomplished album, the intricate and energetic 'Phases'”

Indy Week


Dreamroot is a band/musical collective from Durham NC. The performance style combines pre-written and improvised sections, creating what Indy Week calls "One of the distinctive strains of the Durham jazz scene, melding R&B forms with modern jazz solos that all fit nicely into the length of a longish pop song." Dreamroot released their debut album Phases in May of 2020, hoping to put out positive energy during a dark time. The album Phases was collectively composed and arranged by the members of Dreamroot.  

DreamRoot's recent release, Phases, an emotional and provocative exploration of healing through personal and collective creation of genre-defying music. Phases simultaneously grooves and contemplates the reality of the modern age as it draws inspiration from those icons who have walked the lines between genres, and shines with original brilliance from the collaborative creative efforts of all members of the band.

Dreamroot has performed at venues and festivals across the east coast and has appeared on PBS as part of a virtual concert series at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The band consists of Theous Jones (drums and percussion), Ittai Korman (acoustic and electric bass), Lynn Grissett (trumpet) and Joe MacPhail (piano and keyboards).


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